Exclusive suite for acrobatics


Acrobatics is a spectacular and dramatic sport for the most courageous girls and boys. Difficult stands, pyramids and breath-taking handsprings will enchant the audience! It is of utmost importance, especially for mixed pairs, that both boys' and girls' suits had one general idea. Our designers will eagerly face this interesting challenge and add some bright colours and a bit of magic to your image! It will certainly have a positive effect on your performance. We would be happy to answer your call!

What is the right way to care your suit?
What is the right way to care your suit?

Dear friends, suit care is highly important! Please be utmost careful when washing.

  1. Do not machine wash.
  2. Do not soak.
  3. Do not wring.
  4. Do not wear under a sports suit.
  5. Do not wear long before or after the performance.

The right way to care:

  • Add 1-2 shampoo drops to cold water. Rinse and rub gently the dirty places (underarms, crotch).
  • Rinse the suit in cold water to wash away the shampoo. Put flat on a towel and push slightly from above by the second towel! Dry flat. Drying may be finished on a hanger!

We wish you to keep your favourite suits as long as possible!