Order terms and conditions
Request submission 35-60 days in advance

Dear customers, please order suits 35-60 days before the starts. We put you on the queue for suit tailoring after getting an advance payment for the materials used. In addition, you will be assigned the time needed for suit tailoring.

You may also submit your request in advance for any month of the current year!

Sketches are sent only after advance payment

Sketches are developed and sent ONLY AFTER ADVANCE PAYMENT!

For more information on sketch categories, see development of an individual sketch.

Assessment of cost

If you urgently need a suit, then, if possible, the price will amount to suit price + 20 %.

You may see how the individual suit price is formed under the suit price.

Possibility to extend a deadline of suit tailoring

Tailoring deadline may be changed without detriment to the parties. (A child is sick, the date of competitions is changed, our tailor is sick)

Remember, friendly attitude to each other is above all!

Of suit cost

Cost assessment for every suit is performed individually, considering the height, suit size, application complexity A, B, C, D, E, the type of services rendered, quantity and quality of the rhinestones.

If you find difficulties, our designers will select for you the most suitable complexity, "economy" or "exclusive", as well as all needed services corresponding to your affluence.

The suit cost includes the following services:

  1. Selection or developing of the sketch exclusive design.
  2. Creation of the individual template.
  3. Suit cutting.
  4. Trying-on.
  5. Drawing application - drawing.
  6. Painting.
  7. Sprinkling.
  8. Rhinestones application.
  9. 3D effects.
  10. Suit gather.