Of suit tailoring

Dear friends, Fiesta-soul company offers several variants of your suit tailoring 

All these variants are developed individually, they differ only in complexity and materials cost.

Exclusive tailoring.

All sportsmen put a lot of effort to make their performance bright and expressive. We also have a large stake in making your image attractive, harmonious and eye-catching! Everything is important - music, movements, an apparatus colour and last but not least a suit!

For this reason, FIESTA-SOUL company offers exclusive sketches developed by our designers for you.

We guarantee that the sketch chosen by you will not come off for other gymnasts in this complexity or other colour scheme. We also do not welcome the copying of the works of other designers!

Exclusive Sketch Development

Our catalogue contains about 300 models for different sports and dancing styles. You may also order the service "Exclusive Sketch Development".

Economy tailoring

Contact us, we are happy to assist you with creation of the unique image, which would bring joy to you and your audience.

We offer economy class suits for our young sportsmen. These models are as diverse and vivid as other ones. They are characterized only by reduced complexity of patterns and painting, as well as rhinestones quantity.

We also offer economy class rhinestones to safe your money.

Application A or B see(complexity categories)

Suit care

Dear friends, suit care is highly important! Please be utmost careful when washing.

  1. Do not machine wash.
  2. Do not soak.
  3. Do not wring.
  4. Do not wear under a sports suit.
  5. Do not wear long before or after the performance.

The right way to care:

  • Add 1-2 shampoo drops to cold water. Rinse and rub gently the dirty places (underarms, crotch).
  • Rinse the suit in cold water to wash away the shampoo. Put flat on a towel and push slightly from above by the second towel! Dry flat. Drying may be finished on a hanger!

We wish you to keep your favourite suits as long as possible!