Individual tailoring of a training kit

Kit and accessories

Dear friends! Fiesta-soul company offers kit and accessories tailoring. One or two trainings per day. Training kit is a garment to which the special requirements are applied. The knitted fabric shall be dense and soft, shall not stretch after washing or let you down during the trainings. We are receptive to these requirements and consequently choose natural and quality materials, as well as perform the enforced stitching. Individual pattering, logo on t-shirts, swimsuits, shirts, training overalls, as well as tailoring for big groups without trying on - all these issues may be decided in our atelier. You may order our pants, swimsuit underwear, gloves, hair bands, apparatus cases! Please contact us in advance, 30-40 days before an order receipt.

What is the right way to care your suit?
What is the right way to care your suit?

Dear friends, suit care is highly important! Please be utmost careful when washing.

  1. Do not machine wash.
  2. Do not soak.
  3. Do not wring.
  4. Do not wear under a sports suit.
  5. Do not wear long before or after the performance.

The right way to care:

  • Add 1-2 shampoo drops to cold water. Rinse and rub gently the dirty places (underarms, crotch).
  • Rinse the suit in cold water to wash away the shampoo. Put flat on a towel and push slightly from above by the second towel! Dry flat. Drying may be finished on a hanger!

We wish you to keep your favourite suits as long as possible!